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To be clear, we dont agree with Mr E on a few subjects and will cover this on our show.

We simply have a difference of opinion and feel Mr E was NOT being Truthful when on 12/25/18 he said

HE DOESNT KNOW HOW HASHTAGS WORK, given all the investigations he has done?

1) Why did Mr E not help get the word out by responding to Ed H s #TransgenderAgendaAwakeningChallenge Part 2?

Mr E didnt even REPLY to the comment we left him about it on 12/26/18, Now 12/29/18?

Our Premier Lover of TRUTH 12/26/18 comment:

Hey Mr E just saw this from Ed H, if you want you can say what got your attention to all this in a vid?,

The Transgender Agenda Awakening Challenge Part 2

2) With this SERIOUS THREAT of EVIL facing our children why would he make a negative comment about our many premier BRANDS and websites to help get the word out on this via many new medias?

His Response 12/26/18

3. I don't know anything about any challenge.

I'm kind of busy and not really interested in your questions or your website. Thanks.?

3) With all the investgations Mr E has done, how could he NOT KNOW how hash tags work?

given this statement he made 12/26/18?

1. I used to set up playlists but I don't anymore. Seems like a waste of time. I don't use hashtags and don't know how that works.

We have a few questions for Mr E as we are following up on our investigation of the #TrannysRunGlobalFilmTVGov EVIL #DeceptionofCentury issue facing us all?

Premier Lover of TRUTH 12/25/18 RECAP of our comments that may be CENSORED on

Hi Mr E, Obviously with our branding and our of #TRUTH YT show, we did not hear back on our last question via comments so we will try again?

1) Have you seen this #BestYoutube2018 playlist before about how Trannys run all TV, Film, Global gov as part of satanic DECEPTION Y/N?" on (your vids featured BTW? ) 2) Lori, Blue Heron brought up some issues that we would kindly like to address, so please address them in a video or REPLY to this comment in the next 30 days, Thank you, David PS we put the questions on YES we do VET many Alt Media Folks and BUST many POSERS all the time Mr E, as a FREE service so folks dont waste time listening to LIARS! ha! ha! (Like all the Tranny LIARS , we do PLUG you on a few sites for that BTW!)?

1. Haven't seen the PL yet 2. Not sure what the issues are Thanks?

?@Transpocalypse Now just 2 minor questions, most likely a minor misunderstanding is all Mr E. We do live in Mpls MN and MOST LIKLEY will have an actual Awards event, since many guys we know here dont want to se FAKE women. So as part of that planning, I was following up and I do thank you for all your hard work, since the 1st 100 videos or more of your videos on the playlist. we just found out about this Nov 2018, and did respond to Ed H video challenge. of course we would liked to see you respond to his challenge since he did get your videos back up on a few YT channels, so we want to know why you didnt respond to his #TransgenderAgendaAwakeningChallenge so 3 questions total Mr E and I will cover them on our next YT show so 3 quick answers would be appreciated. for security reasons here is my LI so you know I am not some troll or anything: Thanks, David PS: I did feature your vid as 5 yr olds getting lipstick in NJ and parents LOSING kids is what woke me up, that vid now on BTW??

Premier Lover of TRUTH 12/25/18 "We Can See them" also gets Best Video of 2018, so we really liked that video, as a heads up! (now on all our websites)?

Premier Lover of TRUTH

Premier Lover of TRUTH 12/25/18

@Transpocalypse Now ok I just made the 3 questions very clear Mr E on the website. We have to VET ANYONE we promote given all the DARK agents we have been dealing with this past year as documented on the site. They should be quick to answer and then I will take them off the site of course. For this reason we kindly ask 3 questions as follows:

1) Mr. E, why didnt you setup a playlist on your channel to BEST put the spotlight on this new hashtag #DECEPTIONofCENTURY with the #BestYoutube2018 vids like we did on YOUR #TranspocalypseNow YT CHANNEL?

2) Lori, Blue Heron contacted us 12/24/18 and this is a very fair question, since many Freemasons enjoy playing BOTH sides in their chess game of Good vs Evil , Black vs. white, to better learn military strategy via #ControlledOpposition /

It also has been documented that the bible was a #Divide2Conquer Freemason media production as @DECODEDREALITY did document that the sumarians did worship the cross as part of their devil/satan/pagan worship.

MOST Jesus/bible media, paintings, books, etc.. all have Freemason symbols and number coding and we have noticed that you have never covered this subject.

If you are fighting evil why wouldnt this subject be covered we kindly ask?

3) Why did you NOT RESPOND to Ed H's #TransgenderAgendaAwakeningChallenge as shown on

We have our BRAND to protect so please do not take these questions personally.

We appreciate all the hard you have done.?

Premier Lover of TRUTH 12/26/18

@Transpocalypse Now We did document that Lori #BlueHeron DOES LIE, so we do NOT think her claims are valid Mr E, so part of getting the word out is doing new media and DOXING KNOWN LIARS, have a nice holiday!.

PS No worries if you cant answer the 3 questions, but if you could in next 30 days I can just promote you better? is all,

Merry Christmas, David?

Transpocalypse Now 12/26/18

Hey, here's my answers:

1. I used to set up playlists but I don't anymore. Seems like a waste of time.

I don't use hashtags and don't know how that works.

2. I don't know what Lori is talking about these days. I believe the Bible is the Word of God. Organized religions do not teach the Bible.

3. I don't know anything about any challenge.
I'm kind of busy and not really interested in your questions or your website. Thanks.?

Premier Lover of TRUTH 12/26/18

@Transpocalypse Now no worries, I am just checking in on a few items that came up, I will only be promoting top pros that understand who Ed is and why he did the #TransgenderAgendaAwakeningChallenge . I committed to the challenge 20 minutes a day, as I stated "This is where Evil is Crossing the Line, putting lipstick on 5 yrs boys and taking kids if parents object" I did feature Eds video on #1.

I appreciate your hard work Mr E, but I think we both know this type of evil will require more than 1 guy making Youtube videos about it. If you are as SERIOUS about this subject as I am, (I have had Bible quotes ERASED on Linkedin I have posted), just send me an email, if you want HELP getting the word out? or you can always do the Ed H challenge by sharing in a vid what woke you up to this issue? later,

David PS Merry Christmas Mr E.?

Premier Lover of TRUTH 12/26/18

I did REMOVE Mr E questions from the website per my statement, I of course still have questions for Lori on the site, Let me know if I missed anything Mr E? later, David

Transpocalypse Now 12/26/18

Everyone knows Christianity was paganized around 300 AD, so I'm not sure what your point is. It seems as if you are trying to blackmail me by putting me on a pedastal in order to knock me down later. We can see through those tactics.?

Premier Lover of TRUTH 12/26/18 @Transpocalypse Now not True Mr E, listen i just learned about this Nov 2018, so maybe visit and see a few folks from Mpls., MN now dead. David Carr, David Goldberg, Crowley family. I dont sit around and wait for Evil to kill me and have just been working on getting the word out on these satan psychopaths running the world. I can see why you are maybe thinking that based on attacks you have dealt w from shills that I have doxed on . I have had my fill of them as well. On the pagan stuff I am just learning and just found out about a lot of this in the last 2 months about the history of the templar cross. (not everybody knows this stuff?) @ 19:00 just learning about your strikes in 2018, sorry to hear about this, Why I've never done a YT show until now. saw this coming.

So Mr E take a look at this stats here on 227,000,000 dead by 2025 in USA so that kind of got my attention lets say?, ok back to watching, your videos are very well done, glad to find out Lori is full of lies.

later, David .?

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1) CardiB Balls at #SuperBowl2019 Jumbo Tron Now featured on Reddit, (our copy was CENSORED!)!

WARNING NOTICE: Epic Sellouts, Mr E, BOTH Known Spies, DO NOT $ DONATE to them! Most all of these Transvestigators PUSH FLAT EARTH, to DISCREDIT ALL #TRANSVESTIGATIONS

A picture of Chicago over lake Michigan showing the bldgs very short, (due to the curve), is all you need as proof the EARTH IS NOT FLAT, as shown, see: #FlatEarthDestroyed

There are thousands of #ControlledOpposition SPIES that push Pagan PsyOps like Flat Earth and BiBull/Bible which Chris Lord explains with solid EVIDENCE!
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n) Misc #Transvestigation Youtube channels?

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a 2/23/19 recap of key videos you should watch. As our comments get HACKED CENSORED by the Ops Boys we will start with our 2/1/19 video where we discussed NONE OF US WANT #BANKRUNS and 7 days later #WellsFargoDown happened. Yes the many tweets have been scrubbed from the net, ZeroHedge covered the story and the tweets they featured of course are all gone now?

We did see on #WellsFargoDown 1 guy that lost $50,000 CASH down he put on a house that he could not close on due to #WellsFargoDown.

For the HATERS out there, we made the #DumbWillDie Hashtag just for you, because YOU WILL ALL DIE!

We also covered in the last weeks videos w Ed H about how #SpyGuy #MariaButina is a #MTF #GuySpy

2/1/19 of #TRUTH Deagel CrushTheStreet 2020 forecast

video coming soon!

00:20 Tweets been heavily CENSORED @Premier_Lover @WatchPickWin I run many tests.

01:45 TrannysRunGlobalFilmTVGov Illuminati will not be dying, many bases w food stockpiled.

02:12 Mexico Pop stay same 125 million

03:43 will cover, why I dont want subs, or target on my back,

03:57 Adnan Sakli, lived hotel to hotel till killed 2/27/14 Global Underwriter Chinas USA Bailout banker

04:15 David Crowley,

04:48 Michael Ruppert

08:00 How stocks were doubled by Dick Cheney, How Cede Inc works, you have a claim ticket for a stock is all.

08:54 Gary Yantice killed 2 wks after we talked 11/5/2016, Hillary is a Klepto, wears longs coats to hide crap, hot summer even, daily drunk drinker too, Secret Service HATES working for Tranny Hillary!

09:35 DaveGoldberg

11:00 Intelligence skills now MOST valuable, you need to know who you can trust or you will die

Only 1 exit, very few will survive, dont need competition for a limited EXIT Strategy

12:00 #BigShort2 movie explained Big Short movie was just an appetizer?

15:11 Crush The Street 2015 video, been 3 yrs no comments,

CERN Mind Control working well, notice Redditt Deagel post made 3 months ago!

15:50 They CENSOR all my YT comments, I say: I dont want a bank run, DOXED!

I am only guy out of 330 million to comment on video or Reddit post also, CERN MIND CONTROL working well?

19:40 12/2008 2017 Forecast 323 million in USA

20:44 Now 2020 shows USA pop goes down to 271 million (2008 2020 10 yr Forecast)

21:53: 2011 Forecast 187 million by 2025

23:50 Canada down by 10 million Mexico stays the same 125 million

25:00 I put some on twitter, urge everyone to see full forecast notes

31:00 Mexicans all go back to Mexico, Joke is the wall is to keep us in,

Mexico has silver mining and they build Russian tanks

32:00 in a game of chess you must study the queens, illuminati #TrannysRunGlobalFilmTVGov

I am the ONLY one sharing this INTEL

33:00 day we all run to the bank , is the day the banks close, none of us want a bank run,

funny at 33:00 even? and #WellsFargoDown happens 7 days later?

2/16/19 #PremierLoverofTRUTH #CardiB #WeaponsofMassDestruction ? #1 on!

video coming soon!

01:10 Made jokes abt MTF CardiB on Atlanta SuperBowl2019

03:43 @DaveGoldberg Murder, @Jack did not CENSOR like Facebook did

Tweet featured for 3 days.calling out

12:00 #EvilJeromeCorsi

13:00 #Colbert 73,000 RTs 1/23/19, #CardiBsDickDestroyedMyDay #WeaponsofMassDestruction

14:15 wouldnt that qualify you to be on Homeland Security Terrorist WatchList Joke!

14:45 Mental Trauma, PTSD, finding out Trannys in all movies, TV, etc..

17:30 Ed says: many comment they dont care if its a guy, will still do her! ha! ha!

20:00 Ed says: Trolls said Black girl was a tranny

20:42 Hans says Gorilla was a human in costume PROOF a

21:40 will be on list, to get off RT CardiB joke tweet

22:20 Ed says yes that is fair, Colbert got 73,000 BS Retweets on SOTU, Good Cop Bad Cop game

23:50 Ed Says: ear test does not always work

24:20 Anyone doing tons of vids most like;y on a payroll, INTEL agency of some sort

24:55 Ed Says no way it would get out CardiB dick? balls if they didnt want it

25:40 Deagel 2008, RECAP

33;00 again I RANDOMLY talk about #WellsFargoDown AGAIN at 33:00 Holy shit! Black magic PROOF Right here!

on 2/1/19 I discuss we all lose if bank run happens, happened 7 days later!

33:40 Ed heard on Youtube abt WF down, few other banks down at least a week. ATMs down

34:34 I worked w WF IT folks, Disaster Recovery plans many mainfraim systems all IT Finance know this,

I cut Airline paychecks for the entire country

36:00 NEW #PremierLoverofTRUTH Resident Evil movie artwork, will make a game to take out DisInfoAgents

Cosplay, seems like a smart move. Atlanta's Chris Klaus Kaneva went belly up, bad game concept.

37:00 Ed likes idea if it works to get intel out, Black Mirror, Social credit system

38:00 Ed Say a video on Youtube, Black Mirror, Social credit system

44:00 Russian #SpyGuy #MariaButina

45:00 Sheryl Sandberg at top of she CENSORED Tranny Pictures Natl Security Issue

45:50 Ed: LauraLoomer is a guy, why I did #SpyGuy

46:30 none of them talk abt Trannys,

47:20 AlexJones on SarahWestall show, Adam Green, @Know_More_News, would not discuss Stratfor emails he is

58:20 #MariaButina

59:25 video recap Yahoo story #MariaButina

102:30 found tweet w her

107:00 WatchPickWin gameshow

115:50 A Z on Reddit, his posts didnt share Lady Gaga is a tranny , #IvankaTrump was #MTF tranny on his wordpress site

118:30 Linkedin pic Bush, Clinton, Trumps wife

119:20 Brendon OConnel wont out Tranny #NatalieportMAN #MTF, a #BiBi Spy BUSTED!

666 views on video 66 views on 12/21/18 pagan holiday

all week my video on banks going down had 66 views

125:00 A Z on Reddit his Weebly site Shills

125:40 Colbert is leader Royal Order of Jesters

Never exposes trannys

131:00 Shills that pissed me off!

134:00 #Transvestigation on twitter

137:00 #KatiePrice bikini dicks showing on Twitter

138:30 @DaveGoldberg

141:11 found it! Tranny pic that was CENSORED on Facebook!

144:00 Survey said Hillary lost, Survey Monkey

145:00 audio went bad.. had to do part2

#PremierLoverofTRUTH PT2 Ed H #CardiB MTF video coming soon!
00:30 Robert Goldberg FB msg

no crim investigation, pushing Sandberg Leanin project

03:00 how is Survey Monkey worth $1 billion? Evil bloodlines all trannys first question?

20:44 Why Sandberg doesnt want trannys pics on her platform, she is a tranny, Goldberg is a tranny family

30:39 @WatchPickWon REPLIES show all tweets being CENSORED

32:00 Adnan Sakli, few words on each person

48:39 FB event to shut 94 freeway down 11/10/2016

51:30 Dave Goldberg Wikipedia

53:50 Sheryl Sandberg Wikipedia, worked at Google, Disney (Illuminati Corp)

56:20 Ed: 60 million to die USA? yes USA per Deagel 2020 Forecast

58:30 I rant abt lawsuit against Sheryl Sandberg, All China Dragon Family Gold stolen at 9/11!

106:50 Even Wikipedia DOXES Sheryl Sandberg LIED about Dave Goldberg death to Newspapers!

116:00 Brittany Instagram

120:00 Resident Evil game, ISS History Chris Klaus, a few Bitchut channels to promote Brittany Investigation

125:00 Ed talks abt: Crystal Clear Truth met w MagBitterTruth, Mag ignored Crystal, just looked at his phone?

128:00 Tweet to CENSOR Cargill hamburger video


Premier Lover™ of TRUTH, The Battle for Resident Evil Truth!


Premier Lover™ of TRUTH #MaximCoverGirl SPECIAL INVESTIGATION!

Brittany Lee got scammed in #MaximCoverGirl contest!

Please visit @MaximBrittanyLee on Instagram and comment
if you think she should of won the $25,000 #MaximCoverGirl 2018 prize?

video coming soon!

00:30 Ed H #TransgenderAgendaAwakeningChallenge 12/2018

01:40 my Bet Tweet $1,000 BUCKS Cash Says Brittany Lee got Scammed!

03:00 Look at the pictures on Instagram

04:00 1) curve in back 2) round face 3) no square jaw 4) cant fit 3 heads on her shoulders

05:15 Look at winning artwork

5:54 1) #1 is a guys face 2) Eyebrow ridges 3) wide shoulders

06:19 I call BS on this being a women, I coudl be wrong, hey put $1,000 CASH on the table!

06:41 look at more pics, face looks like a guys face. Maxim pushing major trannies too

07:16 2nd pic a guys face!

07:35 Not seeing an arch in the back like Brittany had. Seeing a Flat back. looks like a guys butt to me

08:21 Maxim pushing many trannys, never did a story abt it #TrannysRunGlobalFilmTVGov #DECEPTIONofCENTURY

08:54 Brittany has way more pics on Instagram, real hot women have many pics, unlike trannys?

09:34 super wide shoulders, long arms

09:43 all pics for #1 just 4 photoshoots total, I call BS!

10:32 I dont believe Janel #1 should remain the Maxim Cover Girl

10:43 I am a business guy, if I had a restaurant everyone else serving poison, word will get out, I will take customers!

10:50 plenty of hotties out there that want to be noticed, I will take care of them, no worries!

11:11 real women like Brittany will slip thru cracks w Home Town Hottie contest, but they wont let her win, total BS!

12:05 if you are #1 there should be Google pics history on social media like Brittany has

12:22 #2 1) Shoulders way wider than hips

13:04 #2 does not have many pictures? Only 24 total!

13:20 most shots trying to hide #2 shoulders

15:15 I am not cool w #2 winning over Brittany, has just 24 pictures, I csll BS on this crap!

15:20 I could be wrong, put your $ money on the table for our Vegas $ Bet event!

16:20 Will go all the way to Maxim Board of Directors,

shouldnt be cheating a girl out of winning w 2 trannys, total BS!



We began writing this movie story 8/16/15, as we saw #DavidWilcock/ #CoreyGoode were BOTH LYING

about a cabal INTEL dump that they NEVER DID , while asking for $ donations for the cause?



JORDAN SATHER, WILCOCK - UniRock is #ControlledOpposition!

UniRock is #ControlledOpposition, did not even Reply to our tweet! BUSTED

(they always outsomeone to gain street cred, very commmon Spy tactic)

The first Earth Sheriff™ question would seem to be about the Swiss-Nazi $1,000,000,000 Settlement AP Story?

and Why was a Minnesota guy locked up in a Swiss Nazi prison camp?

as shown on

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to Learn more about the NWO #Divide2Conquer Op that is at Full Throttle Now via 400,000 Dark INTEL agents lurking on the web as shown on DisInfoAgents™

that push 100+ Topics to argue about to DISTRACT from NWO Switzerland Evil Nazi Headquarters that has been fully documented as shown on TopAltMedia™


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It's All in the Names transvestigation PART 2

OFFICIAL 2018 Winner, #BestYoutube2018 Video!


TRUTHER Murders™








Premier Lover™ of TRUTH #MaximCoverGirl SPECIAL INVESTIGATION!

Brittany Lee got scammed in #MaximCoverGirl contest!

Please visit @MaximBrittanyLee on Instagram and comment if you think she should of won the $25,000 #MaximCoverGirl 2018 prize?

plt-1000.gif Premier Lover™ of TRUTH, The Battle for Resident Evil Truth!

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