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Saturday June 24th 2017

Mr. Lou Baldin
Author: A Day with an Extra Terrestrial
Author: Baldin Truth Free 741 PDF!

Dear Lou,
Twelve updates on UFO DISINFO and the DEEP STATE causing more trouble promoting your books Lou?


1) Thanks for Excerpt from the book, Mars and the Lost Planet Man:
(the DEEP STATE CENSORED on Linkedin by changing the font to invisible BTW?)

"Before the downfall of Mars, Martians battled Serpents relentlessly for control over planet Man and its four moons. Over the centuries, Mars made significant inroads into Man, spreading their own breeds secretly on that doomed planetary system.

Martians were able to remain hidden from the humans on Man and avoided detection by the Serpents (so they believed).

Serpents were always aware of Martian intentions for planet Man, and the Martian penetration of that planet.

Planet Man was dominated by a pure breed and a solitary race of humans.

Humans remained mostly untainted for the greater part of Man’s multi-million year existence.

But fringe beings including Martians managed to hide within planet Man and its four moons.

Mysteriously, Serpents and the gods permitted the worms in the apple of Man"

2) The DEEP STATE BLOCKED the production of your movie?

A Day With An Extraterrestrial

3) Your Kindle Holiday Book $ Specials Greatly appreciated!

(I bought your best 8 books for under $25? wow!)

4) On UFO News Corey Goode/David Wilcock FULLY BUSTED for their Blue Avians Chickens by Dark Journalist and Minnesota's own Business Game Changers founder Sarah Westall


5) On Dark Matter DOES NOT EXIST June 2016 UPDATE:

I did update my June 23rd 2016 CERN post on this of course but the post was hacked as I had many CERN folks viewing the EXCLUSIVE update?

at 25:00 "they made up Dark Matter" per Ben Davidson of SpaceWeatherNews

The Oz Scarecrow now has a gun post has been moved to a web server.

6) #EarthSheriff CERN Time Joke UPDATE: NRA Announces Oz Scarecrow is their New Gun Advocate after using BTTF Time Machine to give him a Gun! ha! ha!


7) A quick note to say thanks for connecting on UFO DEEP STATE Secrets Books, Love them!.

I am a big fan of your galaxy truth, and love your posts about the MN Vikings true history being from Mars! ha! ha!

8) Our TRUTHER community has been compromised

90% or greater are Now DEEP STATE DISINFO agents. See our comedic Vegas $ Bet plan below to EXPOSE all the DEEP STATE liars! ha! ha!

9) Thanks for the Sunday Aug 29th 2016 UPDATE that the latest Stephen-Paine fear porn is "All baloney."

10) I did call them all BS on my Mythi analysis 2/29/16

, but

its good to know from you Lou that we didnt cause "a Ripple in Space-Time, & have the entire Galactic Community wanting to Shut Us Down". Ha! ha!

This new threat msg of course is designed to make folks think a Galactic Federation is watching over us and they may SAVE THE DAY, so we can all sit back and watch and DO NOTHING! Ha! ha!

That plan sure didn't work out to well for the folks on Mars did it! Ha! ha!

11) This letter will be a fun casting XFiles Spoof bit


12) For the XFiles Spoof movie scene finally, to best promote my Vegas Ops boys, we will do a special XFiles Vegas Area 51 Truther DEEP STATE Vegas $ Bet event and party to Poke Fun at all the Liars!


This way we can properly TAKE OUT the TRUTHER LIARS in honor of Prince TRUTH™?
(I posted 40 Prince TRUTH™? warriors in the #BigShort2 movie in dev on )
in memory of Prince RIP (June 7, 1958 to April 21, 2016), (we share the same birthday)

I am posting 6 DEEP STATE facts right here so we can do Vegas $ bets on who will share them! ha! ha!

Deep State Vegas Challenge $ Bet

6 Public Facts!

We are Challenging ALL TRUTHERS to publish on their blog!

(2 Weed out DEEP STATE AGENTS! Ha! ha!)

1) Adnan Sakli USA China $ bailout banker 1987-2014

a) Public court docket

b) Prime Directive by Adnan Sakli and 8217 As the legal owner of record of the Bank of International Settlements

c) Video about death threats

d) Death Summary post 2/27/2014 The Legacy and Demise of Adnan Sakli

2) TR3B Official USAF documents, (ask us for them?)

3) Actual Dark $ Wikileaks Contract used by 500k+ Truther cabal disclosure media assets

4) Draco pictures and DNA age extension technology used by cabal.
(see below)

5) CERN Oz Scarecrow has Gun Now! Read our post Exposing & dark matter weapon fear lies!

6) NASA Patents from the 1950's, 1960's: Anti gravity, artificial sun, levitation and Simulating the sun!


Find this link:


Thanks again for the many 2017 and 8/28/16 updates on DEEP STATE DISINFO!


Mr. David Sweet, 2008 Emmy Award Winning Comedy "Ghost Writer",
Director, Producer & Creator of New PBC™ TV Network!
Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved.

History about our Galaxy and Dracos


History about the iDome Joke™

(from the MN Vikings stadium 2012 #MNleg fight)

The iDome Joke™ was WRITTEN/CREATED to honor the legendary UFO Lou , Steve Jobs and John Lear!

lou-300.jpg sj-1984-300.jpg john-300.jpg

Our OFFICIAL iDome™ CBS News featured 2012 stadium proposal was signed by 2 stadium authors in MN, as part of a privately financed $1.3 Billion dollar stadium deal!
(ask to learn more about our EXCLUSIVE Super Bowl Pizza 26 SLICES PAYMENT SYSTEM™ and plan! ha! ha!)

Of course the NFL was not too happy with our CBS news featured stadium proposal, after their bill was Voted Down 9-6 and our bill SF2127 gained the spotlight in May of 2012?

The NFL president choose to fly to MN to bring his stadium bill back to life, and we decided to do our PBC™ Network iDome™ stadium deal with the
actual Pleiadians and their star system? ha! ha!

We learned quite a bit about our galaxy after learning about author Lou Baldin
Who actually flew around the galaxy for a day and was allowed to remember the whole trip?

See his new August 22nd 2016 teaser: A Day With An Extraterrestrial

Lou Baldin shares the TRUTH about Heaven aka 5th dimension and many other subjects?

We might even be able to get you on the Heaven VIP list? ha! ha!

Hear our EXCLUSIVE 1 HOUR INTERVIEW w John Lear and UFO Lou!

"Keep Love in our Hearts and Live your Life with Integrity and without Envy, Hate or Greed ... "

Lou shares that part of our human 3D LIFE TEST is a daily SOUL TEST, and

Why we have a DARK EVIL SIDE to TEST US Daily?

Those that choose the DARK EVIL WAYS just dont get on the Heaven VIP list! ha! ha! (aka 5th dimension!).

Our message to PASS ON to EVERYONE?

What Happens After You Die?

John Lear ex CIA Contractor Exposes The UFO Cover UP!
Exclusive The one and only John Lear, son of William Lear!

Inventor of the Lear jet, joined Dr. J Andy Ilias and Blake Cousins for an exclusive interview on
Revolution Radio for Thirdphaseofmoon radio, Along with filmmaker Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell!

John Lear shares BOMBING MONSTERS in Vietnam @22 and Lou Baldin Book info! has his latest book:


What be these fragile bodies we live inside of? Transports of forgotten and lost souls eternally enslaved by restless spirits, dammed and tormented in an endless search of peace, happiness and joy.

Each soul in a constant and hectic pursuit to reconnect with something grand that was lost a long time ago. We mortals, in our mindless travels through life, grasping at, reaching for and attempting, often in vain, to understand what purpose we were created for, and by whom.

Senseless it seems the torturous journey to understand the imposing plan, if there even be such a plan?

Obama gets No Red Carpet at the 9/3/2016 G20 China meeting for our MOA Joke!

Life IS like a Box of Chocolates, You Never Know What Youre Gonna Get! ha! ha!

For our Comedy Fans a Little History on this Mall of America Joke for you?



Michael MJ , Global Advisory ICBC Royal Family Holdings, is OFFICIALLY named the

Chinese Royal Family PBC™ Comedy Global Advisor

on Semptember 8th, 2016 for setting up the global joke!

Our iDome Joke™ Mall of America Comedy production

includes a Whitehouse CNN Press Release showing our TR3B Ships!

Obama then gets IN LINE and announces that we have an order for iDomes™ from the Pleiadian star system

as a result of a SIGNED COMEDIC PEACE TREATY between 2 warring alien groups.

The new PEACE TREATY will put our ENTIRE PLANET back to work for a 1000 years! ha! ha!

This of course Fixes $ Investor/Consumer/Wallstreet Confidence INSTANTLY!


The TR3B ships deliver the iDomes™ to the Pleiadian star system,

So the TR3B just happens to be filmed on June 7th 2016....

DOING TRICKS over Edwards Air Force base?

YEA RIGHT? as Bill Cosby said!

Our iDome Joke™ Mall of America Comedy production includes the

WatchPickWin™ TV Game Show!


We can share some history about the Pleiadians and their star system, as they have actual Pyramids on Mars, the Moon and Earth?
Part of humans genetic makeup of emotions includes the Pleiadians advanced emotions of comedy?

The human race is now regarded as Genetic Royalty, as many races have no emotions and why Spock was created for the Star Trek movie and TV series, so folks on Earth could appreciate their abilities to smile, laugh, and of course have experiences including love and sex! ha! ha!

For many races in the galaxy there is no love, and sex is just a very mechanical process, so we of course must learn to appreciate our abilities and worship our bodies to learn about their true full powers?

We Thank the Pleiadians 4 Blowing Up an AZ Astroid June 2nd 2016 and Saving America!

In honor of Ptaah's daughter Semjase '

The Earth Sheriff™ Deputies will Seek Justice for Semjase and all Humans and the Pleiadian people!


The Pleiadian Star System!


Pyramids on Mars & The Connection With The Pleiadian

The Pleiadian Hotties PLAYED on their Moon Pyramids! ha! ha!

The moon Pyramids Secret is Finally OUT! ha! ha!


The Pleiadian Connection - Full Documentary


WatchPickWin™ The TRUE STORY Movie!

CES 98, AVN, Magic Hotel Hollywood, #VegasBaby!

Glasses and Shirts Now on Sale!
U Need a #BloodyGoat™ to make Goats Head Soup!

Rolling Stones tribute drink coming to Bars EVERYWHERE! ha! ha!


Premier Lover™ of TRUTH, The Battle for Resident Evil Truth!

Premier Lover™ of TRUTH, The Battle for Resident Evil Truth!

Premier Lover™ of TRUTH, The Battle for Resident Evil Truth! is a Premier Imagery™ production
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Premier Lover™ of TRUTH, The Battle for Resident Evil Truth!

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Sure looks that way, Just Saying?

1) #CardiBsDickDestroyedMyDay #SuperBowl2019 Jumbo Tron Joke video! (HEAVILY CENSORED on Reddit!)

WARNING NOTICE: Epic Sellouts, Mr E, BOTH Known Spies, DO NOT $ DONATE to them! Most all of these Transvestigators PUSH FLAT EARTH, to DISCREDIT ALL #TRANSVESTIGATIONS

A picture of Chicago over lake Michigan showing the bldgs very short, (due to the curve), is all you need as proof the EARTH IS NOT FLAT, as shown, see: #FlatEarthDestroyed

There are thousands of #ControlledOpposition SPIES that push Pagan PsyOps like Flat Earth and BiBull/Bible which Chris Lord explains with solid EVIDENCE!
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NOTICE: Epic Sellouts, Mr E, BOTH Known DisInfoAgents, DO NOT DONATE to them!

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They push Flat Earth PsyOP and BiBULL/Bible Pagan Mind Control

see: #FlatEarthDestroyed

1) Epic Sellouts

2) MrE

A few #MTF/#FTM YT channels we are still evaluating:

a) sGF


c) Reverse The Gender

d) TimeToUnite Bitchute

e) #MagBitterTruth

f) #MagDisturbingTruth

g) #MagUglyTruth

h) #MagTruthOnTheRun

i) #MagTruthAttackLIVE

j) #MagHatedTruth

k) #RelevantTRUTHLive

l) "#PeterParker", "Batman", "Robin", "Iron Man"

m) #HeatherGotRedPilled

n) Most OBVIOUS #ControlledOpposition DisInfoAgents SPIES!

1) Truthful Spirit- Blue Heron (argumentative) 2) Hans Gorilla is NOT human in costume! 3) Mr E, #TranspocalypseNow Doesnt know what hashtags are 12/24/18, We call BULL SHIT!

(They all push Flat Earth PsyOp , what $ pays their Youtube budget!)

o) Misc #Transvestigation Youtube channels?

Learn more about Web Hosting Options?

Join ABOVE to REQUEST a 2/23/19 recap of key videos you should watch. As our comments get HACKED CENSORED by the Ops Boys we will start with our 2/1/19 video where we discussed NONE OF US WANT #BANKRUNS and 7 days later #WellsFargoDown happened. Yes the many tweets have been scrubbed from the net, ZeroHedge covered the story and the tweets they featured of course are all gone now?

We did see on #WellsFargoDown 1 guy that lost $50,000 CASH down he put on a house that he could not close on due to #WellsFargoDown.

For the HATERS out there, we made the #DumbWillDie Hashtag just for you, because YOU WILL ALL DIE!

We also covered in the last weeks videos w Ed H about how #SpyGuy #MariaButina is a #MTF #GuySpy

2/1/19 of #TRUTH Deagel CrushTheStreet 2020 forecast 2/16/19 #PremierLoverofTRUTH #CardiB #WeaponsofMassDestruction ? #1 on!


Premier Lover™ of TRUTH, The Battle for Resident Evil Truth!


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We began writing this movie story 8/16/15, as we saw #DavidWilcock/ #CoreyGoode were BOTH LYING

about a cabal INTEL dump that they NEVER DID , while asking for $ donations for the cause?



JORDAN SATHER, WILCOCK - UniRock is #ControlledOpposition!

UniRock is #ControlledOpposition, did not even Reply to our tweet! BUSTED

(they always outsomeone to gain street cred, very commmon Spy tactic)

The first Earth Sheriff™ question would seem to be about the Swiss-Nazi $1,000,000,000 Settlement AP Story?

and Why was a Minnesota guy locked up in a Swiss Nazi prison camp?

as shown on

Premier Lover™ of TRUTH, The Battle for Resident Evil Truth! is a Premier Imagery™ production
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to Learn more ?


Premier Lover™ of TRUTH, The Battle for Resident Evil Truth!

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It's All in the Names transvestigation PART 2

OFFICIAL 2018 Winner, #BestYoutube2018 Video!


Premier Lover™ of TRUTH #MaximCoverGirl SPECIAL INVESTIGATION!

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plt-1000.gif Premier Lover™ of TRUTH, The Battle for Resident Evil Truth!

Premier Lover™ of TRUTH, The Battle for Resident Evil Truth! is a Premier Imagery™ production
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