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History on the Mall of America Jokes..


While we began working on our Mall of America comedy medias...


Michael MJ, a CERN 2.0 Director, Liked the Life IS Like a Box of Chocolates joke we posted on Linkedin

(an inside CERN scientist joke)
On July 10th 2016 we posted the MOA Forrest Gump restaurant picture on our June 23rd Earth Sheriff™ Linkedin post
as we conducted analysis of XFiles CERN and global comedy for our WatchPickWin™ medias that would promote:

Comedy for Mall of America Stores We Love!™

On September 6th, 2016 we posted this update on Linkedin:

Thx Michael MJ on the Obama No Staircase Joke!

I now KNOW the Chinese Royal family likes their New PBC™ comedy network!

and Comedy G20 History was then made! ha! ha!

In October 2016 we met with Prince Exec staff and discussed the New Mall of America Prince Exhibit

(was open thru 11/17/2016), and Paisley Park studio tours?

At Hard Rock Cafe we also met with Prince s PERSONAL EXEC

that handled ALL his copyright TAKE DOWN NOTICES?

on November 11th 2016, 11/11/16, Michael MJ SHARED

Meet the Chinese Billionaire Who’s Taking Over Hollywood?


"The Trillionaire Magnet"

Michael MJ , Global Advisory ICBC Royal Family Holdings, was

OFFICIALLY named the Chinese Royal Family PBC™ Comedy Global Advisor on 9/8/2016
(Michael MJ MIGHT help pick MOA talent in 2017 casting, if he is not too busy?)
Ask to learn more about our Prince TRUTH™ WatchPickWin™ Vegas Event

Now being planned for 2018 to honor Prince for ALL his contributions to humanity!

Prince RIP (June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016)
as we share the same birthday!

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