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Prince TRUTH™: $100 BUCKS CASH says Prince was born as a #FTM illuminati agent in satanic family & Mag is right!

ANY Vegas $BET TAKERS? ha! ha!

our featured Prince TRUTH™ video, was he born as a women illuminati FTM like Mag Says?

Is #MagBitterTRUTH Right, @Prince was born as a female?
as part of being a secret illumintai satan worshipper!

#MrE on PRINCE IS ALIVE and living as his sister Tyka Nelson

PRINCE IS ALIVE! and living as his sister Tyka Nelson Part 1 - Mr E 11:10

PRINCE IS ALIVE! Part 2 The Coverup - Mr E 16:55

11/22/18 Comments:

1) She appeared on the One Show here in the UK, I immediately thought, that's Prince in drag as her sister.
Dodgy indeed but that's how they work. PFB flat UK ?????

2) 11/7/18, Danielle Marin
Mr E, not sure if you saw her official video from her official YT channel, her 'smash hit', from June 2017, her tribute song to Prince. It's a very interesting blurbbage of verbiage she put in the description for the video, lol!!! what a coincidence, she constantly turned prince down every time he offered to let her come to use his recording studio at paisley park....she always told him No, I want to stand on my own (when she does her music) but after he died she was so relieved she was finally able to to fulfil HIS dream by taking over his huge state of the art recording studio

3) Link that was listed on comments:

Published on Jun 7, 2017

End of The Road from the upcoming EP Enlightened

1) Dydy 1965 1 year ago
that is SO Prince..!! Ain't foolin' me!!?

2) Tamika Jones 1 year ago
sound like Prince to me Just Saying

3) Chey Fox 1 year ago
this is 100% a male voice singing with some help of synthesizers

4) None of Your business 1 year ago
I listened to this 4 times and each time I did I heard Prince's voice loud and clear to me
it sounds like it was taped over his voice hmmmm

5) Mr. P 1 year ago
Do ppl not distinctly hear Prince's voice after the second stanza/verse.
This is not her own work. She dubbed her voice over Prince's work

6) Deana Sherrick 1 year ago
How'd you get Prince's voice as the 2nd voice?

7) Unique 1 year ago
Is that Prince in the background singing?

8) Kevin Cox 1 year ago
Prince wrote this song and recorded it and dedicated it to Michael Jackson but he put it in his vault.
That is clearly him singing in the background

9) cyn812 1 year ago
Beautiful song Prince.. ah" I mean Tyka ;-)

10) Apples Cullum 7 months ago
You definitely can hear Prince in the background vocals.
This would have been an awesome song if he released it

What website published this famous Prince TRUTH™ quote?

A 2 party System, the lessor of 2 dangers,
the illusion of choice?
A veiled form of fascism,
where nothing really changes and
you never had a voice?
While Dick Gregory fools the masses about EVERYTHING including Prince?

Published on May 5, 2016

Comedian/Activist DICK GREGORY shares his insights on the recent deaths of Prince and Afeni Shakur

and the recent sale of the Beatles publishing to Sony in this exclusive clip.

Photographed on May 4, 2016. Camera: Les Rivera.

Interviewer: Mike D. More Dick Gregory: Understanding clips coming soon.


Prince, Chemtrails and Youtube Copyright Bullshit

Published on Jul 2, 2016
The short clip of Prince talking about chemtrails is FAIR USE. This is a re-edit of a previous video in higher quality, including a short clip aired on PBS and

any claim by a clearly fake channel called the Tavis Smiley show is not legitimate.

There are thousands of videos on prince talking about chemtrails and PBS is not filing copyright claims.

Here is a great rant about this copyright issue:

A video I uploaded called ''prince, chemtrails and life'' was removed without warning or legitimate reason. I was forced to watch a really childish video called ''YouTube copyright school'' and I am still suffering from the taste of vomit in my mouth.

YouTube has PROBLEMS.

How is it that anyone can pose as a content owner and actually get videos taken down???

A LOT of content creators are not going to be happy unless you get your shit together YouTube!


talking about chemtrails is all over, not something claimed by copyright by PBS. It is simply

a short clip and I did not even play it full screen nor in it's entirety.

I do all I can to spread the word, because having money in an unfree world is pointless.

There are however many people who make a living on youtube, and YouTube needs us.

With this explosion of false copyright claims, not many people will be very inclined to be a publisher.

I would like to thank YouTube for the blatant negligence and lack of responsibility exhibited.

It has made efforts to silence things such as Prince talking about chemtrails very clear.

I do wish however to have the video reinstated, as it should have never been taken down in the first place and I made some good commentary.

Watch Prince talking about chemtrails here (and in several thousand other videos by simply searching for ''prince chemtrails''. ?

Not mentioned in this video, but I find this noteworthy:

Dick Gregory - "They Killed Prince" (RBTV Exclusive) ?

The so called Tavis Smiley show Google plus page:

The so called Tavis Smiley YouTube channel:

Just look at how many subscribers and views this person has! (Sarcasm).

This is CLEARLY not a channel representing the Tavis Smiley show,

with a mere 111 subscribers and an average view count of one of my chemtrail videos.

(About 60-1000, not very many).

This copyright system is a joke and a threat to people who make a living by making YouTube videos, as well as the people fighting for our freedom and free speech to even be able to make videos and all in the first place.

Join our #PremierLoverofTRUTH group to learn who did this web update, we looked at in 2016 about Prince?