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menu Our Spirit Age™ Plejaren Event: Plejaren Hotties Dish about their Best Spirit Lives, Lovers and more in their Plejaren Mars, Moon and EARTH Pyramids! menu

History about the iDome Joke™ (and Plejaren Event ha! ha!)

The iDome Joke™ of course was written to honor the legendary Steve Jobs and his contributions to all of mankind!

menu FREE 700 pg PDF
COMING CLEAN on UFOs ETs by Author Lou Baldin!
Lou Baldin shares the TRUTH about Heaven aka 4th dimension and many other subjects!


We can share some history about the Plejaren and their star system, as they have actual Pyramids on Mars, the Moon and Earth?
Part of humans genetic makeup of emotions includes the Plejarens advanced emotions of comedy?

The human race is now regarded as Genetic Royalty, as many races have no emotions and why Spock was created for the Star Trek movie and TV series, so folks on Earth could appreciate their abilities to smile, laugh, and of course have experiences including love and sex! ha! ha!

For many races in the galaxy there is no love, and sex is just a very mechanical process, so we of course must learn to appreciate our abilities and worship our bodies to learn about their true full powers as the Milky Way galaxy enters the section of the universe that the Plejarens have been talking about with a NANO second of HUGE Cosmic Energy Waves that will allow MOST?, to access their full powers of all 12 strands of their DNA?

Our understanding is that humans that cannot adjust to the new energy waves , will enter a timeline where Mother Earth Gaia will set them free in a variety of other ways?
(as life forms on Earth must be compatable with Gaia and the new living environment).

In honor of Ptaah's daughter Semjase '

The Earth Sheriff™ Deputies will Seek Justice for Semjase and all Humans and the Plejaren people!


The Plejarens Star System!


Pyramids on Mars & The Connection With The Plejarens

The Plejarens Hotties had some Great Sex on their Moon Pyramids! ha! ha!

The Pyramids Secret is Finally OUT! They were built for Sex Goddess Worship! ha! ha!


Secrets of the Egyptian Pyramids HD

Ancient Egypt Documentary The Pyramid of Djedefre

Barbara Marciniak 2013 PLEIADIAN PROPHECY The Great Changeover - Part 2 of 4

The Pleiadian Connection - Full Documentary


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about the NWO #Divide2Conquer Op that is at Full Throttle Now via 400,000 Dark INTEL agents lurking on the web as shown on



We began writing this movie story 8/16/15, as we saw #DavidWilcock/ #CoreyGoode were BOTH LYING

about a cabal INTEL dump that they NEVER DID , while asking for $ donations for the cause?


The first Earth Sheriff™ question would seem to be about the

Swiss-Nazi $1,000,000,000 Settlement AP Story?

and Why was a Minnesota guy locked up in a Swiss Nazi prison camp?

as shown on

Premier Lover™ of TRUTH is a Premier Imagery™ production
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about the NWO #Divide2Conquer Op that is at Full Throttle Now via 400,000 Dark INTEL agents lurking on the web as shown on that push
100+ Topics to argue about to DISTRACT from NWO Switzerland Evil Nazi Headquarters that has been fully documented as shown on or
(#SeanHross moved 12/16/18 to #DisInfoAgents, didnt share that #TrannysRunGlobalFilmTVGov #DECEPTIONofCENTURY)


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It's All in the Names transvestigation PART 2

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Brittany Lee got scammed in #MaximCoverGirl contest!


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