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Movie Color Guide:

Blue = BigShort2 Speech

Purple = Truth Warriors

White = #BigShort2 story


Our Spirit Age™ Plejaren Event: Plejaren Hotties Dish about their Best Spirit Lives, Lovers and more in their Plejaren Mars, Moon and EARTH Pyramids!

History about the iDome Joke™ (and Plejaren Event ha! ha!)

The iDome Joke™ of course was written to honor the legendary Steve Jobs and his contributions to all of mankind!

menu FREE 700 pg PDF
COMING CLEAN on UFOs ETs by Author Lou Baldin!
Lou Baldin shares the TRUTH about Heaven aka 4th dimension and many other subjects!


We can share some history about the Plejaren and their star system, as they have actual Pyramids on Mars, the Moon and Earth?
Part of humans genetic makeup of emotions includes the Plejarens advanced emotions of comedy?

The human race is now regarded as Genetic Royalty, as many races have no emotions and why Spock was created for the Star Trek movie and TV series, so folks on Earth could appreciate their abilities to smile, laugh, and of course have experiences including love and sex! ha! ha!

For many races in the galaxy there is no love, and sex is just a very mechanical process, so we of course must learn to appreciate our abilities and worship our bodies to learn about their true full powers as the Milky Way galaxy enters the section of the universe that the Plejarens have been talking about with a NANO second of HUGE Cosmic Energy Waves that will allow MOST?, to access their full powers of all 12 strands of their DNA?

Our understanding is that humans that cannot adjust to the new energy waves , will enter a timeline where Mother Earth Gaia will set them free in a variety of other ways?
(as life forms on Earth must be compatable with Gaia and the new living environment).

In honor of Ptaah's daughter Semjase '

The Earth Sheriff™ Deputies will Seek Justice for Semjase and all Humans and the Plejaren people!


The Plejarens Star System!


Pyramids on Mars & The Connection With The Plejarens

The Plejarens Hotties had some Great Sex on their Moon Pyramids! ha! ha!

The Pyramids Secret is Finally OUT! They were built for Sex Goddess Worship! ha! ha!


Secrets of the Egyptian Pyramids HD

Ancient Egypt Documentary The Pyramid of Djedefre

Barbara Marciniak 2013 PLEIADIAN PROPHECY The Great Changeover - Part 2 of 4

The Pleiadian Connection - Full Documentary


About this Movie Scene

This movie scene will be cast first to honor City Attorney Mr. K. from Washington D.C. and his request for a Timeline with No Criminals! Ha! Ha!

We thank Mr. W. for his 6/21/2015 message about our work:

On 6/21/15, 5:25 AM, Mr. W. wrote:
Mr. Sweet:

Thank you for accepting my "friend" request. I really appreciate and admire what you are doing.

There are very few people Brave Enough to be as Outspoken about the Truth as you are.

Please let me know if there is Anything I can do to Help the cause?


Mr. W.

Main Argument in the Hearing:

On 6/27/2015, Simon Parkes, (cabal soft disclosure), covered this area of GALAXY LAW as follows:

If out of 100 people ONLY 5 are complaining about the conditions on planet Earth, a majority or 51 people would have to complain before Positive Aliens could provide assistance?



to be behind the Actions of the People on Planet Earth! ha! ha!

We all Know what ASS SUMMED Means! ha! ha!

Jerry Seinfeld covered that subject pretty good!

Our investigation has brought evidence forward that shows that many Americans have implants from negative ET races with agendas. New evidence ALSO proves that Demonic Entities are Now Controlling the cabal as revealed by Ed Slade and Archeologist Thomas Merrylin.

Ed Slade is the only Area 51 Scientist who actually worked with the demonic "aliens" who are really just fallen angels or their creations. He designed the lunar lander rocket motor and met famous people from around the world

The Evil Demonic entities have been busy Harvesting the HUMAN CROP on Planet Earth as Secretly DISCLOSED in the movie Jupiter Ascending?

Captain Mark Richards DOCUMENTED his HUMAN CROP RESCUE MISSION , The Battle at Dulce to Stop an Alien Breeding Program Using Thousands of Young Women, that was FULLY AUTHORIZED by President Jimmy Carter.

Additional NEW evidence has also been brought forward by Ed Slade, Stew Webb , Senior Secret Space Program staff and the Merrylin Cryptid Museum proving that Evil Demonic Enties are also engaged in OFF PLANET Slavery, as it is now widespread thru our solar system and that MILITARY GRADE MIND CONTROL systems have been depoloyed using nano bots, chemtrails, Satellite and chemicals to CONTROL THE HERD of the Human population
and PREVENTING Humans from knowing the TRUE POWERS that they have?

Additional NEW evidence has also been brought forward by Ed Slade, Stew Webb , Chris Tucker that shows that future timelines have been accessed via PROJECT LOOKING GLASS to rig financial markets planet wide, and to unfairly know future actions of humans to PREVENT them from WAKING UP from their well known
(as we see most kids are now locked into their cellphone MIND CONTROL programs, also Secretly DISCLOSED in the movie Kingsman).

Earth Sheriff™ Demonic Entiites Most Wanted PREVIEW!




We Hope You Enjoyed this Movie Scene PREVIEW!

For security reasons obviously we must keep the rest of the scene CONFIDENTIAL as we have other evidence proving that in REAL TIME, OUR
phone systems were HACKED to DESTROY Felony TEXT Evidence,

FURTHER PROVING that Positive Alien Help IS REQUIRED In ORDER to CONDUCT this investigation?

As Negative ET Aliens ARE IN VIOLATION of Galaxy Law, Interfering with a Planet Earth Investigation!

Networks Will be Offered our New TV Shows to "Help Make America #1 Again!™"

After the 1st movie "#Winning" globally brands this TV show, the pilot will be produced and offered to the TV networks.

While America is on the Brink of Ruin, we wanted to thank the Dragon Family for their MANY ATTEMPTS to HELP America, and their recent 10/20/2014 Announcement!

EXCLUSIVE June 7th 2016 Radio Show:

EarthSheriff™ Sorry Evil NO HEAVEN for YOU!™ ha! ha!

Interview w REAL TALK Michaella and Emmy Award Winning Comedy GHOST Writer David Sweet!

Learn Never before Told Secrets about UFO Lou, Mandella Effect, Willie Nelson and Evil that may soon kill him?

Our PBC™ Network! Our message of Love from the Pleiadian!™


, Watch: History, Pick: Love Today, Win: Always!™

The Winning™ TV Show Hero™ Awards

movie brings us to Hollywood in the year 2050, where the award shows have made a big change.

After the 2008 Wallstreet collapse and death of Mr. Adnan Sakli on 2/27/2014, (China's USA Bailout Banker), the TV Show Hero™ Awards were created in 2017 to award the TV Shows that have done the most to respond to the Chinese Royal Dragon family to make smarter Americans, as our VERY GOOD Friend Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt explains the REAL REASON Americans are "SO DUMB" in her FREE E-Book!.

(Charlotte's grandfather founded Yales EVIL Skull & Bones Black Magic cult)

Movies in the new PBC™ TV Network, (a gift to the Chinese Royal Dragon family and Pleiadian s for the 2018 New year), include the movie
Winning™ to globally brand the new comedy productions. After the WORLD FAMOUS 9/3/2016

Life IS like a Box of Chocolates Mall of America Obama PUNKED G20 Joke!


Michael MJ Global Advisory ICBC Royal Family Holdings, is

OFFICIALLY named the Chinese Royal Family PBC™ Comedy Global Advisor

to ensure the best interests of the Chinese Royal Family

are represented in the comedy productions, and

Comedy for Mall of America Stores We Love!™

WatchPickWin™ NEW 2017 MOA gaming medias.


This movie begins with the 2050 TV Show Hero™ Awards event

, after 6 New TV shows had amazingly changed the world? The most important part of this movie series is that the entire production is dedicated to the message of Love from the Pleiadians™ and Prince TRUTH™ as the Dark vs. Light battle Star Wars showed us, continues on the planet Earth WAR PLANET, as named by:



Gods Dog Show ™

In this PBC™ Network movie series we are also proud to present Gods Dog Show™. This movie is simply amazing and unlike any movie you have ever seen before... as it serves both as a tribute to Steve Jobs and investigates the real reason he died?, (after his famous February 2011 Announcement of iTunes Commissions of 30% Fly-or-Die™, that was a major "Hollywood Shake Up" that provided a clear motive for MANY to end his life?).


PBC ™ Network Casting/Comedic Interviews

will be a VERY FAMOUS opening movie scene and trailer when

all the Execs have to interview for a PBC ™ Network job

as word hits the street about the

X22Report: 12/27/16 First Cash BAN, Now CONFISCATING Gold To Crackdown On Terrorists?


The PBC™ comedic interviews

will be featured in the movie scene from actual Execs that WANT IN on the jokes in the

Comedy for Mall of America Stores We Love! iDome Joke™ , WatchPickWin™ comedy productions and new medias!


The iDome Joke™

of course was written to honor the legendary Steve Jobs and his contributions to all of mankind!

The famous TR3B Spacecraft was added to the The iDome Joke™ storyline after we investigated the UFO DISINFO and learned why this Secret Space Program Spacecraft was actually creating a lot of jobs and we could also push a message that could possibly fix the USA economy instantly?


PoweredByComedy ™

our New Comedy BRAND, will feature the following ORIGINAL STORY LINE and the new 2017 XFiles Spoof.


Win50k™ Big Short II movie will be REBRANDED

and shot with new scenes for the same story line to focus on our 4 target demographics:

1) Prince TRUTH™, 2) XFiles, 3) PoweredbyComedy™, 4) EarthSheriff™


Sorry Evil No Heaven for You!™ comedy to

POKE FUN at all the Evil in the world!


The ORIGINAL PoweredbyComedy™ STORY LINE

is the main Californication like TV series/movie based on these real True Events, but this Emmy Award Winning film/TV GHOST writer leads the global Earth Sheriff™ Pleiadian "Light Worker" teams to bring justice for the victims of the "Dark Forces", with a new global network of Comedic Earth Sheriff™ Deputies!, (not the David Duchovny path that Glamorizes Hollywoods Dark Satanic Self Destructive Habits of Booze, Drugs and Sexual Diseases!).
We will work with our OFF WORLD friends to help CAST EVERYTHING on the PBC™ Network from the PBC™ Network board of directors to the TV & movie extra's!

Our comedy is Now "World Famous", as we poked fun at the CIA INTEL groups for their OWN newspaper article WHY THE UKRAINE IS THE WESTS FAULT! Naturally they suspended all 16 of our Twitter accounts, so we created the @SealRYD account to perform the REQUIRED RESCUE and DIRECT meeting with the Twitter board of directors? Some of our security folks we work with actually owned and they were also quite upset about their @USVetJOBS account being suspended!

In any event a good joke can go VIRAL GLOBALLY and our joke did, (we got an OFFICIAL thank you for it!), so we did stop the 12/25/2014 planned NAZI NUKE FALSE FLAG in Ukraine, as INTEL broke our Fedbullies™ #EXPOSED! links, so we the created the NEW


Awards for some "SERIOUS Hollywood Comedian Awards" competition!

(READ the related ACTUAL NAZI NUKE FALSE FLAG Linkedin Earth Sheriff™ Posts)


The Story

The story is told by the author of the Emmy Award Winning Ticket-to-Happiness™ script, which led to the writing of many new web 3.0 TV Shows including:

For our XFiles TRUTHER fans we present:










Learn more about EVIL and our EarthSheriff™ ONGOING Investigations for 2019

Join our Linkedin XFiles fans group to learn more about the Dave Goldberg murder coverup!

Learn where the Facebook CEO @SherylSandberg ACTUALLY WAS?

When her hubby Dave Goldberg from Mpls MN was MURDERED!

(she was NOT in Mexico per her public statement!)



Learn more about our PremierImagery™ productions for 2019