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In this hit TV Show the invitation to play the role of "Ad Exec" Bill will be extended to Robert Downey Jr. and the role of God will be extended to Morgan Freeman,(our first casting choices of course!). In this TV Show's "Season One Premiere", Bill has dreams where God gives him lists of "advertising prayer requests". In the Season ONE Premiere, God includes a "Secret Formula" that can double the TV networks ratings and gets everyone a 10 Percent Raise! The shows episodes are based on real life advertising stories, (Buffett owns Dairy Queen & GEICO), that speak to the true shallowness of the industry, where the "Real Joke" is that the Advertising Execs are the true Neanderthals (and major Bullying / Egomaniac's ). This industry trend is clearly illustrated as the ad agency clients top leader, Mr. Warren Buffett, promotes the "Giving Pledge" , while the ad agencies engage in anti-social behavior, as described in the book "Games People Play" , by Eric Berne M.D. Analysis is completed for the Ad Exec encounters, much like in the TV Hit show Criminal Minds , as the show goes beyond simple entertainment, to provide a truly educational experience. Mr. Warren Buffett's "Giving Pledge" project takes its inspiration from other efforts that encourage and recognize givers of ALL financial means and backgrounds.

This show is written "in the spirit and dedicated" to director, producer and writer "John Hughes" . Mr. Hughes died from a heart attack on August 6th, 2009, at the early age of 59.

A special thanks to Ricky Gervais , Stephen Merchant and Tyler Perry for showing the world that anyone can create award winning entertainment while
"living in their car" or working as a "simple office worker".

About this Movie Scene

This TV Show could be written in a scene in the "PoweredbyComedy™ Movie" as the movie scenes will be finalized in post production. In the PBC™ network movie series #Winning™ this TV show is given the TV Show Hero™ Award to Help Make America #1 Again™!
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Networks Will be Offered our New TV Shows to "Help Make America #1 Again!™"

After the 1st movie "#Winning" globally brands this TV show, the pilot will be produced and offered to the TV networks.

While America is on the Brink of Ruin, we wanted to thank the Dragon Family for their MANY ATTEMPTS to HELP America, and their recent 10/20/2014 Announcement!

We Thank The Dragon Family for Helping Mr. Adnan Sakli with this Gift for the 2016 Chinese New Year!

(A Gift for the SHEEPLE of course!)


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