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a) BLACK BOXES ATTACKING our show 6/17/19

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BLACK BOXES attacking our show 6/17/19


BLACK BOXES attacking our show 6/17/19
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ShangHighed™ (Shanghaied) Sailors, Women and Hidden Tunnels

With many people being enslaved to do drugs like Charlie Sheen, (Sorry Charlie you asked for it at your #SheenRoast Event), the purpose of this brand is to educate our children of the dangers of Charlie substances, as Charlie Sheen quitting a $2,000,000 per show job is the best possible example of how drugs can take over your mind, body, and soul... with many women turning to a life of sex slavery, (Atlanta is #1) , as a result of these drugs and tricky tactics that
capture and enslave our children every day.

Portland Oregon's history in the late 1800s, bares evidence of secretive underground tunnels where people disappeared. Sailors and unwary patrons would visit local saloons and either drink too much or find themselves the victims of Opium knockout drops. The shanghaied men would vanish through the saloons’ trap doors (Deadfalls), be locked in a holding cell, and then put on a ship to crew for several years. This is how Portland’s underground catacombs received the moniker, Shanghai Tunnels. This infamous practice also involved women, who were sold into white slavery if they became victims of the Deadfalls.

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