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1) Vampire Dracos Virus chgs Human DNA!


For those that havent seen the GA Guidestones , now is the time to see it is WRITTEN IN STONE, that Billions of people are to be killed? Further proof of course is Mike Morales, showing the Sulfar in CA Friday Feb 27th , that proves an underground explosion happened? (see our before and after pictures) Further proof is that NASA responded to Mike Morales and took their RESPONSE down?, after it was clearly proven it was all lies..and the dates were not even correct?

The really good TRUTHERs have read all of UFO Lou's books , and know he is OUR ONLY GALAXY GUY that will tell you the TRUTH about all the crazy creatures on our planets like this EVIL MARS ALIEN guy here, Mars Reptoid?, and they have all heard Rocket Scientist Ed Slade explain in detail about how EVIL aliens, will never change because its part of their DNA to be EVIL? The Hybrid Humans CAN, if they are 1/32 ALIEN, but any more than 1/32 and they are simply too far gone to EVER be LOVING BEINGs?


On that note, most know the Draco reptoids have no feelings and cant live on the surface, so they like humans as snacks and of course, like to be on the surface by using clones, and taking over weak human bodies, that with FREE WILL, allow the EVIL Dark Dracos to take over their soul, mostly in the Draco Hybrids, as shown on the maps and WELL KNOWN underground EU bases here?
As far as the vampire human dracos go, they have a virus that mutates the human DNA, and they can then live for 1000+ years, and run most of the human banking systems, etc and are the FAMILY MASTERS!

Shane, aka THE RUINER ha! ha! Shares the Dracos Top Secrets, READ IT TODAY!

Click Here to Download the PDF!

Shane shares about his royal bloodline family as he worked with the Dracos on a daily basis, and also with the global SLEEPING GIANTS WAKING UP that soon wanted off the planet, (since the seafood is all VERY BAD! on Earth since Fukishima happened in March 2011! ha! ha!).

Only 2/21 family masters are Now on the planet, since Earth is now hitting new galaxy energy that ONLY supports HIGHER VIBRATIONAL BEINGS?

19/21 chose to die, as of August 2014, so there has been a power struggle to fill those top spots in the EVIL 13 Crown Inc families that have been ruling the planet?

They love to HIDE IT IN PLAIN SITE, so just look at our overview videos , and the $100 Swiss bills have their lovely pictures on them! ha! ha!
The link on the $100 Swiss bills will tell the FULL history of Switzerland connection to the pyramids 13 family bloodlines, and why they now live SECRETLY in Switzerland?

UFO Lou's books also talk about many other creatures on the planet as shown! The beings that built the Pyramids were very advanced and had 12 our of 12 DNA working with IQ's around 1000?


This Alex CF Merrylin musium video shows DNA lab tests from the UK, and his recent videos prove he was a BEING that had AGE EXTENSION technology and also had advanced math tech skills given to him from OFF WORLD BEINGS?

Alex CF explians how Mr. Merrylin took his sister Emily's Life to Extend his age!

We hope you enjoyed this TRUTH, but we are sorry to say Santa clause also does not exist, and Santa was another joke on you!
Another Satanic tale for you to worship their cute red old evil guy!, Satan, or Santa as you have been told! ha! ha!

You must understand why Cabal DISCLOSURE is Happening?

The cabal must obey galaxy rules or another arrest could happen? (like our Hitler Crew Arrested story above?) For this reason many assets will disclose their secrets, kind of as a Joke to POKE FUN at stupid humans, ha! ha!, as the secrets are all HIDDEN IN PLAIN SITE! Even the Alex CF Merrylin Museum story is likely Cabal DISCLOSURE, POSSIBLY? since British Bond type spies of course want to SHOW OFF whats in their closets? ha! ha!

Shane is also most likely Cabal DISCLOSURE? , since they also want to see who reads their Draco story to feed their AI computers to calculate WHO was smart enought to read this PDF in their Matrix Facebook IQ test! ha! ha!

The other point to Note, is part our human 3D LIFE TEST is a daily SOUL TEST, and for this reason we have a DARK SIDE to test us daily?

UFO Lou covers Souls in GRADUATION INTO THE COSMOS! Those that chose the DARK EVIL WAYS just dont get to go to heaven! ha! ha! (aka 5th dimension!). Our message to pass from our SPIRIT GUIDES is as follows:

"Keep Love in our Hearts and Live your Life with Integrity and without Envy, Hate or Greed ... "


The Vampyr is an offshoot of Australopithecus, much like our shared distant cousin the Lycanthrope. Both species are symbiotic hominids, carrying transferable Immuno efficiency pathogens – viruses abundant in the blood and saliva that can be transferred to human and non human hosts, where these unique genetic traits are inserted into the DNA of the infected, taking on the characteristics of each species.

Homo Vampyrus is a nocturnal hominid with a huge dependency on iron and protein.

Francis Gerber, Swiss born Physician, Botanist, Chemist and Naturalist, whose prolific writings focused on the study of the origins of humanity.

His own research began around 1776, where he commissioned African poachers to bring him specimens of the great apes, which he dissected in an attempt to construct a detailed inventory of “terrestrial and arboreal apes and their aesthetic and anatomical similarities to the Homo Sapien.”

His research garnered a great deal of criticism, yet most of his work was completed in private.

One of his many employees would present him with a shipment of species from sub Saharan Africa, the Amazon and parts of India. Yet it was a bone fragment that piqued Gerbers interest in the lesser known hominids. On December 14th, 1780, Gerber unpacked a collection of specimens from the Far East. Amongst these samples was a partial skull fragment of the upper mandible and part of the brow. The teeth were intact, and clearly very unique. The upper cuspids were distended and serrated and although in a state of decay, connected to the bone tissue by a complex musculature, which allowed the teeth to protrude and retract from two fissures in the jaw.

His hasty communications to the collector he had bought the pieces from, pointed to a village on the eastern shore of Lake Baikal, in Mongolia. He traveled to this destination, a destitute collection of huts nestled in the icy inlet of the great body of water. It was here he was introduced to a man, whose daughter had been murdered by what the villagerscalled a “Blood thief”. Gerber was escorted to a shallow grave where the killer lay, who had been caught and lynched, leaving his mangled corpse to the elements.

The head had been removed, yet the body was preserved by snow.

He was told that the creature had fed upon the child, removing most of the organs and consuming them, but also drained the body of blood. He asked for a place to examine the body, which was provided.

It was here he made his first examination of what he coined the “Nocturnal Hominid” or “Homo Vampyrus”.

A primate whose body appeared augmented by a form of parasitic virus.

His studies of the Osteology, and organs provided ample proof that this body was in fact not human at all.

So began Gerbers extensive research pertaining to the Vampyr.

He soon collected a wealth of knowledge, and most importantly revolutionised the study of Hemoglobin, through invention of sophisticated microscope apparatus.

He was fascinated by the behaviour of Vampyr blood cells and managed to dispel the myth that these creatures only fed on human blood.

Eventually, over the remainder of his mortal life, he tracked these feral Vampyr to the source.

The Altai Mountains of Mongolia.

It was here he found Thenis, the Vampyr stronghold.

His communications with those who dwelt within passed between himself and loyal human familiars, until eventually he was granted access to the city.

His first encounter was with Damat, the son of Demeclev, a 12,000 year old whose own research of evolutionary biology stunned Gerber.

He spent years with Damat, until his age began to get the better of him.

It is believed he consented to infection, and thus a form of immortality so that he could continue his research unabated by age.

Homo Lupus and Vampyrus evolved along different paths which accounts for physiological differences in anatomy.

Yet, both Lycanthrope and Vampyr are susceptible to sunlight, due to the effect UV has on the virus prevalent in its cells.

Homo Lupus adapted and grew a thick layer of hair over its body, to allow it to walk in sunlight. Vampy are entirely nocturnal.

Homo Vampyrus evolved a dislocating Jaw, to allow a larger bite radius, Homo Lupus evolved a longer snout, thus increasing the space for flesh cutting teeth. Both evolved lighter bird-like bones - allowing for increased agility and speed.

Both have remarkable healing properties. Both species are dependent on an iron rich diet, to aid metabolism in Viral cells.

All these genetics mutations are for this end - to feed the virus.

Both can transfer the pathogen through blood and saliva, although any infected host will experience a traumatic comatose state in which the virus will instigate these changes. Many die in this process.

Both are capable of birthing live children, these are known as “true symbiots” - The viral genetics are blended seamlessly with the host.

Both are susceptible to silver. Silver has bioactive properties and can act as an antiviral and anti bacterial agent.

The virus uses a mutualised symbiosis with bacteria as part of its biology.

Wounds inflicted with silver will cause great suffering to silver sensitive hominids.

Both also have incredibly high blood pressure, and any significant wound to the heart or major artery will cause death in a matter or moments.

There is some historical evidence to suggest that these two species shared not only physical similarities but also traded in cultural practices.

The presence of Lycanthrope imagery in Vampyr art is unmistakable.

They may have even gone to war with one another, until the collapse of Lycanthrope culture and the return to a nomadic existence.

Research on both species was carried out by Francis Gerber in the 18th century, and later by Edward Harrell and Merrylin himself.

This case is a rare example of shared research projects, with information obtained by Merrylin from many colleagues.

The central vial in this case contained “Source haemoglobin.” obtained from the earliest Symbiotic hominids.

This proved the genetic similarities and thus proof of a shared ancestor.


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